Bad news: Wikispaces is closing up shop and shutting down everyone’s wiki by the end of this summer!

Good news: Ms. RG has started creating a brand new website where you can find our lesson support materials and booklists.  You can find it here: rhsa Library LC

This is the homepage so far…

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Flipgrid image

Flipgrid is a way to share your favourite books by creating a video booktalk. Click on the link to our library ‘grid’ where you can respond to posted questions regarding what you are reading , have read or want to read. Click here –   rhsa Stories

Black History Month Special Guest: Paleo-artist Garfield Minott

EVENT – Thursday, February 15th 12:00-12:40 in the LLC

Garfield Minott

Guest Speaker Garfield Minott is a paleo-artist and film special effects artist.  He creates life-like models of dinosaurs for museums around the world and has also worked on films such as Resident Evil creating credible models used to convince you that monsters are real.  Come and learn about how he came to this profession and what it entails.  For more information about our guest, Garfield Minott, you can go to his website


Happy Black History Month!

Beat the cold, read some heat! Freedom book display

There is not a book on this display that you’d regret reading. If you do nothing else for Black History Month, do this: READ A BOOK!  Ms. Roberts Griffith (me) is constantly buying you (dear student) the newest, greatest, most talked about books for your reading pleasure. Whatever you prefer – fiction, young adult, poetry, plays, essays or memoirs – you have no excuse for not checking out at least one (and up to 5 at a time!!!) of these fabulous books.

Mixed Race Book pic

I ran out of display space, so if you look on the circulation desk, you will find a mini-display of a variety of books that feature biracial stories.  You would do well to choose one that appeals to you – have you read Barack Obama’s memoir yet?

Reading Blackout pic


If you still don’t know where to start, why not joint the #ReadingBlackout? It’s a campaign to read only black authors for February in support of stories by people of colour.  Of course, I would suggest that you don’t stop at February, and read a diverse selection of books all year round.  But if you need suggestions, your fellow students have written theirs on the whiteboard wall in the library learning commons (LLC).  If we have the books, you don’t need to look further than underneath the board.



Oh, the weather outside is frightful…so let’s go to the library to study!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….exam time! Usually the library is full of people doing things other than study – puzzles, chess, Jenga, napping, to name a few, but the next week we will be full of stressed-out, caffeine-addicted students trying to soak up the material of the last three months.  If you’re new to this exam business, you may want to check out one of our very helpful books on HOW to study because studying efficiently will save you time and the anxiety of wondering if you’re doing this thing right.  And, while you’re here, why not take out a few books over the holiday – any book borrowed this week isn’t due until the second day we get back in the new year.  Good luck on your exams from the library staff!

Study Display

Welcome Back!

back to school pic(1)

The library is waiting for you. Come on in,  browse the stacks, find a good book and settle in on a comfy cushion.  Would you like a cup of tea? Bring your mug and tea bag and fill up at the kettle.  Need a recommendation? Ask Ms. Roberts, Mr. Morgan, Ms. Beach or Mr. Hoeg for a great book to read. Or maybe you don’t have much time, can we offer you a current magazine to browse through while you kill time before your next class?  Not in the mood to read, but want to unplug? Maybe you’d like to play Scrabble, chess, Connect Four or dominoes.  We also have Legos and colouring pages to get your mind off your worries. Whatever your relaxation needs are, the library learning commons is here for you.


Only 4 weeks left of summer, have you bought your school supplies yet?

summer reads

I know, right? Too early to be thinking about going back to school – unless you’re in the business of selling anything remotely related to school. But since I, your librarian, have forgotten my work password – another #teacherproblem that other working adults can’t relate to – I’ve decided to check in on my blog (admittedly, slightly neglected, but, hey, on vacation!).  Here, in case you accidentally came upon this blog while Googling #rhsa or #rosedaleheightsschoolofthearts,  I would like to suggest some summer reads via book lists I’ve perused on the ‘inter-webs’…

Might like if you enjoy YA popular fiction…

Might like if you’re going through some teen angst-y stuff…

Might like if you enjoy British authors and their tastes in fiction…

Might like if you don’t like any of the above offerings..

Best YA Blogs & Book Reviewers